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Raymond Cadwell

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I am surprised how I can meditate for an hour without any knowledge that much time has passed and during that time I am beginning to experience the golden light and feel the healing of the mediation if I ask for it.  I also noticed that this practice is being carried through out my day.  I am more open to allowing the day to unfold without all the usual stress I have been known to put upon myself as well as letting perfection go out the window.   (Joan R )

Email: cadwell2@eircom.net

The retreat had a profound impact on me, most fundamentally helping me to open up again to be called back to my spiritual practice, which I’ve wandered away from due to losing myself in a transition to a new job and the throes of daily life. So the retreat was inspiring, it was challenging (in leading me to be called back to my true path) and it was deeply restorative.  I am most grateful.  (Tom R)

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Raymond Cadwell

Raymond is a servant of the healing light and wisdom of Master Jose and the Ascendant Masters who wish to give service in your healing and awakening.
He does this service through individual sessions and weekend retreats and on going evening and morning sessions.

His life as a teacher and healer has taken many forms so far such as researcher in organisational psychology, organisational change management consultant, coach, mentor and guide, some time leader in the co-counselling communities in Ireland, leader in the men’s movement,worker and leader in the elimination of domestic violence and bullying in the workplace.

His own spiritual awakening progressed after meeting Mother Meera and Master Jose which led to the calling to enter a 60 day retreat, after which he committed to a life of healing service. His journey continues at a constant pace with many blessings, on the eternal path of spiritual awakening.

“Do you want to change the world? Change yourself firstly and the world will follow you…whatever external reform you pretend to make,if you wish it to be well founded and long lasting, it must commence by your own inner reform”  Master Jose

Javier de Salas.

Javier is an initiate and instrument for the awakening and healing light of Master Jose. He is personal assistant of the master and director of retreats throughout Spain,Italy,Ireland and the USA.He is an accomplished biomagnetic therapist and adept in Mystic Healing.He had a spiritual awakening while attending a retreat with Master Jose in Chile and decided to devote his life to service. He has been giving retreats for nearly 20 years and has been perfecting himself and is still perfecting himself as a channel of the LIGHT