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What is Ancestral Healing?

Ancestral Healing is received through Mystic Healing. It is a transmission of the healing energy back along the ancestral lines—to father and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers and so on back as far as is necessary to resolve issues in this present life time.

How does Ancestral Healing work ?

Each person fills out a genogram of their ancestors as a far back as they can. They then write on the genogram the issue in their life they want to resolve and relevant information they have about the ancestors.They place this on the floor above their head when they are lying down to receive mystic healing. The healing is then directed back along the male and female lines and all entanglements, contracts and beliefs which belong with the ancestors are respectfully returned and the person freed up to embrace their life and destiny. Relationships are completed and the correct order in the family re-established.

The benefits of Ancestral Healing are

-A new freedom and spaciousness in life.

-recovery from illness and physical limitation.

-family members who have not spoken tend to reconnect or a deeper  acceptance of the reality.

-Realisation of what life purpose is and greater realisation of that  purpose in ones life.


What are people saying about Ancestral Healing ?

The ancestral healing was incredible: It answered so many questions and I truly believe gave me the freedom of separation that I needed to move forward into my own life and destiny.  I realized part of me was playing out my maternal grandmother's destiny more so than my paternal, and that was a sad life of one who never loved or lived and had parted ways with her family. It's funny, I never gave her much thought until this retreat and all this became so very clear to me. She died when I was a young girl.

I cannot believe how much I released … all of the ancestral suffering, especially of my mother and grandparents in the Holocaust, all of the pain and suffering and persecution of being Jewish, and all of the anxiety and need to be perfect that was bottled up in my shoulder.  

  (Jen M)