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My sister and I have been having major conflict with my sister for two months with no communication.  I had to grasp the nettle and tackle her on very sensitive subject.  I was very careful to be neutral, but she went off the deep end and was very vicious in her reaction.  I refused to be drawn in.  On Saturday evening during the ancestral healing, I visualised her and sent her as much love as I could under the circumstances.  Lo and behold at 11pm I received a text with an abject apology for the trouble she had caused.  I was mesmerised going to sleep. Martin D (2013)

I exhaled on the second day!!!!!!!!   This may not seem like a big deal, but it has been something that I have been thinking about for a long time and realized months ago that I hadn’t been doing.  I had been holding my breathe since I was seven, waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I have been basically inhaling everyone else’s energies my whole life and not letting them out.  Without warning, I laid down and exhaled!  I couldn’t believe it.  

When I saw Rebecca a few days later, she said, “You’re glowing,” and I felt that.  I cannot believe how much I released … all of the ancestral suffering, especially of my mother and grandparents in the Holocaust, all of the pain and suffering and persecution of being Jewish, and all of the anxiety and need to be perfect that was bottled up in my shoulder.  

And then Rebecca and I talked about how when people die, their last breathe is an exhale.  That was how this experience was for me … My former self, former life, had just died.  I had been able to release myself from the binds that held me to my former life.  In a way, I was reborn and on my way to my new life, one which had already been unfolding in front of me, just as Raymond said.  In fact, in the days after (and two days after Raymond met with  my husband), things literally started to fall into place for us and we both have a newfound respect and appreciation for our ancestors and what they did for us.  And things continue to work out for us as I write this!

Spiritually, I was finally able to see my responsibility as a Jew in the world and accept that this was my ancestral responsibility in a totally wonderful and appreciative way.  I couldn’t see this before.  

Thank you so much, Raymond!  I will be back in October!!(Jen M.)

I hadn’t been sleeping at all well and had been somewhat depressed, very anxious and hyper-vigilant regarding my mother’s declining health due to her emphysema. I think that the ancestral healing helped me to detach a bit and become more relaxed with that. (Stephanie G)

The ancestral healing was incredible: It answered so many questions and I truly believe gave me the freedom of separation that I needed to move forward into my own life and destiny.  I realized part of me was playing out my maternal grandmother's destiny more so than my paternal, and that was a sad life of one who never loved or lived and had parted ways with her family. It's funny, I never gave her much thought until this retreat and all this became so very clear to me. She died when I was a young girl.(Anon)

I have been feeling a great deal of relief with regard to issues of back pain that I have carried with me for many years. I sincerely  hope that the benefits stay with me as it makes everything else in my life more enjoyable to be living with little or no pain and discomfort in my back. I have lived my whole life carrying, unknowingly, the deep grief that my father had for the loss of his parents, who were killed in a car accident when my mother was pregnant with me. It was incredibly traumatic for them, of course, and I can see now that I have  been deeply affected by their grief all my life and it has manifested itself in me being overly emotional about many things. Since my private session with Raymond, I can still feel the sadness being triggered but the outward manifestations of the sadness (lump in my throat, tears welling up, aching heart) have lessened. I am an emotional being and know that is part of who I am and I want the emotions to be expressed in a balanced way. I feel that the work that we did in our private session went a long way towards helping me find that balance. It felt like we were working on a very deep level and were able to begin to make some profound changes.(Anon)

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