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What are people saying about Biomagnetism?

I was suffering from Lyme Disease, Stage 2 and multiple co-infections for eleven months when Raymond introduced me to Biomagnetic Pair Therapy.  I had nothing to loose. My doctor was getting ready to introduce yet another antibiotic, I currently was on two.  My body was giving up the fight and it was nearing the chronic Stage 3 or Late Disseminated.  A good day was when I could function at 60% my customary energy level for four hours.  

After just three treatments, I was cured! Through this therapy, Raymond was able to locate where the spirochete bacteria was hiding, internal scar tissue.  I now have my life back, the strongest I have felt in 20 years, thanks to Biomagnectic Pair Therapy and Raymond’s keen insight.  I am such a believer in this modality I am now studying it.

Joan Randall,

Woodstock, Vermont, U.S.A.

Following many difficult spells dealing with illness and infections, I had become physically and emotionally depleted.  I had lost the strength to keep up the fight. It was hope and optimism that had got me through so much in the past, and I couldn’t muster it any more.

I had heard about Biomagnetism Therapy as practiced by Raymond and decided to try it.  I cleared it with my medical team as being safe to combine with my complicated medication.

Although I found the first session to be a pleasant experience, it was only after the second session that I felt a change.  Gradually I found my energy levels rising and combined with rest and recuperation, I felt a huge improvement over the course.  

The therapy worked for me and I found my dealings with Raymond to be uplifting and inspiring.  

Brendan (2012)

I want to say thank you for giving me a back a sense of joy in my life. The past few years have been tough – work was stagnant and my partner’s health was deteriorating badly. Last Christmas was a particularly difficult period, and I probably ate and drank a bit more, and exercised a bit less, than I should have - with the result that my own health began to suffer. It began with extremely sensitive teeth and sore, ulcerated gums. My hair grew dull and lifeless, and my nails were brittle and deeply ridged. I had to do enemas to relieve my constipation. I had difficulty sleeping and my energy levels plummeted.  I was becoming quite depressed and could see no light at the end of this long, dark tunnel.

I began seeing Raymond for Mystic Healing, which started to lift spirits, and he gave me some constructive advice for getting my work back on track. During this time I had a Thermal Imaging Scan done on my breasts that showed a significant area of hypothermia (heat) on my left breast. This may have been blocked lymph, an inflamed cyst or the site of a small tumour. Raymond treated me with Biomagnetic Pair Therapy over the course of a number of weeks. In the meanwhile I got back into meditating, increased my exercise, drank green juices, increased consumption of green veg, avoided alcohol, and took a good multivitamin/mineral tonic.  

I had my final treatment with Raymond last week because the pathogens had all been removed. My last Thermal scan was clear of all suspicious hypothermia. I feel vibrant and energetic.  My business is improving every week.  

I would recommend Biomagnetic Pair Therapy for anyone with a chronic illness, or just a lingering malaise. This therapy clears the body of disease causing bacteria and virus in a gentle but effective way, allowing the ‘good’ bacteria to proliferate, which frees up the immune system and allows the body to regain a healthy, vibrant energy. I have made it through the tunnel and the sun is shining on me now.

Thank you Raymond!

Emma D. Dublin.

I am a Multiple Sclerosis sufferer which is very active since been diagnosed in March 2007. I have had various changes in medication, until I finally started Tysabri which has controlled my relapses but left me with constant and severe joint pain. I have had 44 infusions to date of this medication.


Just before starting Biomagnetic Pair Therapy I had developed Paroxysmal and went completely blind in one eye and blurred vision in the other. I still had the on going joint issues. My Neurology team wanted me to start back on a tablet Tegretol Retard starting on 100mg twice a day with the intentions to build 900mg twice daily. I had been on this tablet in previous years which “controlled” my spasms. I decided against it and made an appointment to see Raymond Cadwell.


Within a couple of hours after my first visit with Raymond where I received my treatment - which took approximately 90 minutes -  the vision returned from nothing to being able to see shapes. The joint pain was also relieved to some degree.


The second visit was a week later which is when I really started to feel better. The vision in both eyes had been completely restored and the joint pain has been resolved.


The visits after were to check to see if the balances had stayed in place. Although my vision did blur and joint pain would reappear now and again, Raymond would correct this and I have been fine since.


I have had in total six treatments by Raymond and I can honestly say that I am now the person I was before I got diagnosed with this illness; I have returned to work, I am less moody, I can walk longer distances, I can read papers/books, I can play games with my children, and recently I have returned to driving the family car.


I would absolutely recommend this type of alternative treatment. It has done wonders not only for me but also for my family, who will all agree how much of a difference it has made to my entire life.    

 Sincere thanks, Laura Heaney


I was advised to go and see Raymond as I had a suspicious lump in one of my breasts and was informed that Bio-magnetism would help. Using a combination of kinesiology and the magnets Raymond detected bacteria and viruses in my body and a non-cancerous tumour. With a few sessions I was cleared of all. It is amazing! It took time to notice a physical change in the lump in my breast however now it has disappeared.

In my sessions with Raymond, he picked up on a number of things both on a physical and spiritual level. Following the session, where he balanced my magnetic field I noticed a serious change in mood, my spirits were lifted. This was something that I was subconsciously aware of, but never knew what was wrong.

Raymond is a very warm and open man. His work with bio-magnetism is fascinating and very powerful. It really works! Raymond really helped me through this difficult time. Bio-magnetic Pair Therapy is something that I would highly recommend. Raymond is wonderful!

Fionnuala (2013)

"I had an auto immune disorder called Sarcodiosis with recurring inflammation of the eyes (uveitis), change of tissue in my lungs, loss of energy and tiredness. After 3 biomagnetic sessions with Raymond over a 3 month period I felt healed. It took my body another 3 month to recover and strengthen. Now my energy is as good as it was 5 years ago, uveitis is gone completely, no wheezing sound from my lungs! Incredibly good was Raymond's spiritual healing. I found my happiness again."

Julianne (2013)

My sessions of healing  and biomagnetics  with Raymond were of immense benefit in my recovery from fybromyalgia and knee surgery. More Importantly, through his input and guidance Raymond enabled me to let go of past  issues. I now feel more empowered to live comfortably and happy in the present moment. I am also very aware that all healing comes from within. Brigid W (2013)