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When I took the retreat the first time in October I had a major shift in my meditation practice.  I finally was able to mediate for longer and longer periods of time.  After this second retreat I am surprised how I can mediate for an hour without any knowledge that much time has passed and during that time I am beginning to experience the golden light and feel the healing of the mediation if I ask for it.  I also noticed that this practice is being carried through out my day.  I am more open to allowing the day to unfold without all the usual stress I have been known to put upon myself as well as letting perfection go out the window.  And the other noticeable change is that I really listen now. It has slowed me down to really hear what someone is saying as well as being 100% open with whom I am with, with no attachment to the outcome. I also find myself asking questions and engaging more when meeting new people who have come into my life, no longer judging them on appearance or first impression and possibly writing them off.  Huge for me.   (Joan R)


The retreat had a profound impact on me, most fundamentally helping me to open up again to be called back to my spiritual practice, which I’ve wandered away from due to losing myself in a transition to a new job and the throes of daily life. So the retreat was inspiring, it was challenging (in leading me to be called back to my true path) and it was deeply restorative.  I am most grateful.  (Tom R)

I have to say that the entire experience was really powerful for me.  I felt incredibly supported and safe in my healing process and my meditative practice is drastically improved because of this weekend.  I didn’t realize how ready I was for a retreat such as this (having never done one before) and I found it very transformative at a time when I needed it most.  It is now two weeks after the retreat and I am honestly lighter in my being.  (Kristin F)

 My experience of receiving Mystic Healing was like being wrapped in a warm cocoon, a deep delicious slumber.  I didn’t want to move, it was as if my body was just simply enjoying a deep, deep rest.  This experience occurred for me with most the Mystic Healing sessions, not all of them but most.  In those that it did not occur, I found myself distracted with racing thoughts – still resting but distracted.  (Mary B)


I feel that I have received several benefits from this retreat… my meditative practice is much improved - of course I still need to slow down enough at times to do it (but this I’m working on)!  My life feels lighter – I am enjoying things now as I haven’t been able to for the past several months.  And finally, I feel like I let something go which has enabled me/reminded me to be appreciative of what I have in my life but also excited and confident of what lies ahead and trust in the path that I am on.  (Kristin B)

My experience with Raymond and mystic healing has somehow answered questions for me that I didn’t realize I had at the time.  For so long I have felt lost and alone in a journey with no known destination.  I feel like I have my spirit back like a long lost friend.  I am excited about the path that I am on and I am going to enjoy the flowers along the way! (Mary Ann R)



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