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What are people saying about the Raymond’s Retreats !

I am surprised how I can meditate for an hour without any knowledge that much time has passed and during that time I am beginning to experience the golden light and feel the healing of the mediation if I ask for it.  I also noticed that this practice is being carried through out my day.  I am more open to allowing the day to unfold without all the usual stress I have been known to put upon myself as well as letting perfection go out the window.   (Joan R )

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The retreat had a profound impact on me, most fundamentally helping me to open up again to be called back to my spiritual practice, which I’ve wandered away from due to losing myself in a transition to a new job and the throes of daily life. So the retreat was inspiring, it was challenging (in leading me to be called back to my true path) and it was deeply restorative.  I am most grateful.  (Tom R)

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Healing with Poetry

Many of Raymond’s talks and reflections are peppered with poems which in themselves both impart wisdom and lead to healing realisations.

He gives evening recitals by invitation for community groups,groups of friends of friends and as fundraising for various causes. He has given recitals in Woodstock in Vermont, Soldotna in Alaska,Dublin and Lyme in New Hampshire.

Raymond is an enthusiastic follower of the work of Kim Rosen “Saved by a Poem” www.kimrosen.net  and David  Whyte.www.davidwhyte.com

He gives evening recitals called “journey to the Heart of Life-Yours and Mine.

This evening includes poems by Rilke,Mary Oliver,David Whyte,Rumi,and himself.

Here are two of his favourites:                                       

Love after Love by David Walcott                                 Click here



The House of Belonging by David Whyte                             Click here