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I am surprised how I can meditate for an hour without any knowledge that much time has passed and during that time I am beginning to experience the golden light and feel the healing of the mediation if I ask for it.  I also noticed that this practice is being carried through out my day.  I am more open to allowing the day to unfold without all the usual stress I have been known to put upon myself as well as letting perfection go out the window.   (Joan R )

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The retreat had a profound impact on me, most fundamentally helping me to open up again to be called back to my spiritual practice, which I’ve wandered away from due to losing myself in a transition to a new job and the throes of daily life. So the retreat was inspiring, it was challenging (in leading me to be called back to my true path) and it was deeply restorative.  I am most grateful.  (Tom R)

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The purpose of this work is to support your complete Health and well being at every level. We work on the spiritual level with Mystic Healing, the psychological through Ancestral healing and the physical through Biomagnetic pair therapy. This work is located in the tradition of Energy Healing, combining the Spiritual with that of the magnetic force to achieve wonderful healing results.

Peace,tranquillity and full health already dwell within you.The awareness of this truth is never very far away. Come and realise this in all  aspects of your life by participating in the retreats and healing sessions described here.

This site is an introduction to the healing work of initiate Raymond Cadwell, School of Self Realisation,Golden Ray, which is energised and directed by Master Jose, a living Ascendent Master.

The heart of this work is spiritual awakening and consequent release from the pain and suffering that binds us.

Please  feel free to e-mail Raymond directly if you have any questions. Click here

This site enables you to book individual sessions and book and pay for weekend retreats.

Available Types of Healing

Mystic Healing It is a direct transmission  of healing love. It is guided by Master Jose, a living self realised human being of high vibration. It’s purpose is to induce an awakening to direct awareness of God consciousness in all its levels, dimensions and aspects. Pain and illness are dissolved and released. Peace and happiness arise and become established as the ongoing awakened state, with the capacity to work through suffering and trauma as a natural part of the human condition.


Ancestral Healing Ancestral Healing is received through Mystic Healing. It is a transmission of the healing energy back along the ancestral lines—to father and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers and so on back as far as is necessary to resolve issues in this present. life time.

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Bio magnetism has the capability to remove all viruses bacteria and fungi from the body by using pairs of magnets which induce a magnetic field. This magnetic field brings the ph levels in the body into the neutral zone, thereby creating an environment which makes it impossible for these pathogens to survive. It is believed that these pathogens are the route cause of many illness.

Healing with Poetry Many of Raymond’s talks and reflections are peppered with poems which in themselves both impart wisdom and lead to healing realisations.


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