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Raymond Cadwell MYSTIC HEALING, SCHOOL of SELF REALISATION and GOLDEN RAY Email: cadwell2@eircom.net

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"In 2011 I started to get numerous ailments. I had problems with my digestion/liver, migraine, and even shingles. In the summer of 2012 I was suffering from desperate fatigue and severe breathlessness. I couldn't walk up stairs or from room to room. I had been diagnosed with asthma as a child so I was put on inhalers and sent for x-rays etc. 

In January 2013 I was diagnosed with the auto immune disease Sarcoidosis. I didn't relish the thought of a six-month course of steroids and the possible recurrence of my symptoms for the rest of my days. I'm 26 and inhalers for the next 60 years was not an option for me! Raymond was recommended to me by my naturist, and I'm so glad he was. After just meeting Raymond I felt better! I felt confident he was finding the source of the problems and was able to eradicate them through Biomagnetic Pair Therapy. I felt the benefits after one session. I was more energetic, and I could physically feel the lightness and cleansing taking place in my body. I also felt more listened to than I had at any stage of my diagnosis in hospital. Raymond looked at my whole present physical situation, as well as my history and emotional and spiritual state. Through the combination of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy and Mystic/Ancestral Healing Raymond has helped me regain my good health. 

The positive results kept coming. After each session my energy levels went up, I was getting relief in my breathing, and my older digestive problems have gone. Through a combination of healthy living and treatment from Raymond I am back to myself, and better! I've never been more energetic and confident in my own ability to heal myself, with a little help from friends like Raymond :) To whom I send all my sincerest thanks and warmest wishes. (Colette O'Donnell, Nov 2013)

I felt really held, heard and seen as a soul, not just a human. I feel lighter, less encumbered by old wounds and emotions from the past. I feel like Raymond helped to clear my path so that I could move forward more easily. I feel he did a lot of work healing my heart. (Kathy F)

 I feel lighter, I feel confirmed on my path and I feel joy. I feel Raymond  removed a lot of scarring that was holding me back from my inner joy. I really feel like he cleaned me spiritually and physically of residual energies from traumas I have had in my life from childhood on up.  I feel he was healing my heart. (Anon)

I feel as though I have a better understanding of the dynamics of my grandmother and her family relationships. Physically, I felt a deep sense of relaxation from the session. When Raymond placed his hands to connect with My physical energy and then removed them, I felt as though there were a release or opening of force rushing out. (Anon)

My experience of receiving Mystic Healing was like being wrapped in a warm cocoon, a deep delicious slumber.  I didn’t want to move, it was as if my body was just simply enjoying a deep, deep rest.  This experience occurred for me with most the Mystic Healing sessions, not all of them but most.  In those that it did not occur, I found myself distracted with racing thoughts – still resting but distracted. (Anon)

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