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1st-7th October 2016

Lanzarote. Canary Islands. Spain

Dear friends and sympathizers of Master Jose´s School,

We are happy to inform you about the one week long retreat in nature which the School has programmed in the special island of Lanzarote (Canary Islands).

1. Dates: 1st to 7th October 2016

2. Location: Villa Amatista. La Geria Natural Park. www.villa-amatista.com

3. Directed by: Javier de Salas (disciple and instrument of Master José).

4. Important  note: the retreat will be directed in English as long as there is a minimum number of eight English speakers from outside Spain. If this minimum number of eight people wasn’t reached but there were a few English speakers we would try and organize some translations.

Lanzarote is the most eastern of the Canary Islands (closest to Africa; only 86 miles from Morocco) and has more than 300 volcanoes. It has been declared as Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. One of its main attractive features is its clean and turquoise water in which you can swim and snorkel all year round.

During the retreat we will combine spiritual practices with outdoor activities such as trekking along volcanoes and cliffs overlooking the ocean, swimming in the nearby beaches, watching sunset and sunrise and taking walks around the neighbouring area to Villa Amatista.

The sea temperature is warm in October, ideal for swimming and snorkling. Some of the most beautiful beaches of the island are only 15 minutes away by car from the venue.

Accommodation: Villa Amatista

The location of Villa Amatista is ideal for retreats and for withdrawing oneself from the demands of the quick paced modern life. Villa Amatista finds itself in the centre of the island, surrounded by vineyards and enjoys great silence and calmness. It is also protected from the stronger breezes that sometimes hit the coastal areas.

The place itself (Villa Amatista) has been built with the purpose in mind of creating a healing place where people can come to heal and nourish themselves and therefore has a lovely spiritual vibration to it.

There is a beautiful meditation room with wooden floors overlooking into a well laid out garden with a swimming pool heated with solar power.


You may choose from different types of accommodation options each one with different prices:

1. Medium sized apartments and studios (double bed or two single beds, sofa bed, kitchen and bathroom)

a) Two guests: 37 € per person/per night

b) Three guests: 30 € per person/per night

2. Small sized studios (double bed or two single beds, kitchen and bathroom)

- Two guests: 34 € per person/per night

3. Double room (double bed or two single beds and bathroom)

- Two guests: 30 € per person/per night

4. Double room with shared bathroom (double bed or two single beds).

The bathroom will be shared between two rooms (max. 4 people)

- Two guests: 26 € per person/per night

Room allocation will be based on registration order. Those who register first will be able to choose first.

The maximum number of people who may take part in this retreat is 19.


The food will be vegetarian (including eggs and dairy). Fresh organic products will be used as much as possible. The food cost will be 37 € per person per day and will include three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. On the days we go out for a long outing we will have a big breakfast and a pack lunch as well as a scrumptious dinner waiting for us when we return.

Total price:

The financial contribution for the Schools activities will be 22 € per day. This means that the total retreat price will be between 85 € and 96 € per day, depending on the type of accommodation chosen.

We would also like to draw you attention to an additional expense related to car rentals. In order to be able to carry out different outings and excursions throughout the island we will need to rent out a few cars and therefore, the total cost of this rental will be divided by all participants. We have estimated a cost of between 10 € and 15 € per person per day for car rental.

Start and End dates.

The retreat will begin on the Saturday 1st October at 7.30 am.

Participants may arrive Amatista on Friday 30th September from 2 pm onwards.

The last activity will be on Friday 7th October before dinner. Participants may stay at Amatista the night of the 7th, but it will be considered as an extra-night. Each extra-night will cost 35 € for shared accommodation and 50 € if you are having a room for yourself

Everyone should depart from Amatista before 10 am on  the 8th  October.

Meditation equipments

The meditation room has foam mats, blankets and cushions. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to bring your own meditation equipment

Recommendations for your luggage

The average temperature in Lanzarote is 22.5 ºC in October, with a maximum of 26.3 ºC and a minimum of 18.7 ºC

We recommend you to bring:

Beach towel (we cannot take outside  Amatista any towels)/ swimming clothes/sun cream

Sun glasses

Cap or hat

Small bag for trekking and outings

Trekking shoes

Some warmer clothes for the early morning trekks or night walks


Registration will begin on Monday 14th March for people living outside Spain who will have priority registration until the 15th April. On this date (15th April) registration will be open to Spanish School members as well.


To register you have to write an email to the retreat coordinator, Paloma Dorado (palomadorado@yahoo.es), confirming you will come to the retreat and completing the following data:

- Name and Surname:  

- Contact email: 

- Date of arrival and departure:

- Would you attend the complete retreat? (1-7 October). If not, please indicate how many days will you attend (reservations for the whole week will be prioritized)

- Which accommodation option do you prefer? (Please, name 2 options in order of preference)

- Do you have an international or Spanish driving license? If so, would you like to drive a rental car during short trips to close beaches or volcanoes, in case it was needed?

Final confirmation of any reserved places must be received by 15th September. This means that in order to have a place secured at the retreat you would need to make a 100 € (euro) reservation before 15th September, which will be deducted from your final payment.


This reservation can be made through international bank transfer (all bank fees will be payable by the retreat participant); Paypal or physically handed over to a School representative if you happened to meet one personally (Javier or Joan Prat). This reservation of 100 € will not be returned if cancellation takes place after 1st July.

We are very much looking forward to share these days with you under the Love and Light of Master José.

 Amatista retreat coordination team

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