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I am surprised how I can meditate for an hour without any knowledge that much time has passed and during that time I am beginning to experience the golden light and feel the healing of the mediation if I ask for it.  I also noticed that this practice is being carried through out my day.  I am more open to allowing the day to unfold without all the usual stress I have been known to put upon myself as well as letting perfection go out the window.   (Joan R )

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The retreat had a profound impact on me, most fundamentally helping me to open up again to be called back to my spiritual practice, which I’ve wandered away from due to losing myself in a transition to a new job and the throes of daily life. So the retreat was inspiring, it was challenging (in leading me to be called back to my true path) and it was deeply restorative.  I am most grateful.  (Tom R)

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Mystic Healing Weekend Retreats

These retreats result in a deeper spiritual awakening and profound healing for the suffering consciousness as it affects your life and that of your family. We are honoured to be instruments and representatives of Master Jose, a living Master whose healing vibration we channel in the service of your purpose and destiny in life.

What happens at a retreat?

The retreat will start with a short meditation and guided relaxation, followed by a mystic healing session.This has a duration of one hour at the beginning of which you will hear the invocation of Master Jose and the light beings who will be giving service to you during the healing.

During the healing You may fall into what seems like a form of sleep or have many different and varied kinds of Mystical experience. You may also experience an activation  of your meditative and peaceful states which tend to have a restorative and self renewing effect. You may also be given an experience of those suffering aspects which are being transformed during the healing. After the Mystic Healing there will be a space to ask questions and share experiences.

There will also be a spiritual reflection given which will contain information and wisdom you may need in order to fulfil your life’s purpose. The Saturday of the retreat you will experience such activities as further mystic healing sessions, one of which is devoted to Ancestral Healing, Yoga and energy exercises for nourishing the body, guided relaxation for physical and mental well-being and further transmissions of wisdom and inspiration to assist you with your awakening and self realisation.

During the Saturday of the retreat you may experience a purification or healing crisis,where the denser energies which are leaving you may be felt emotionally. This can be uncomfortable but is usually followed by a period of transformation on the Sunday where your energy field is recreated in alignment with your life’s purpose and the grace to make the changes in your life can arise within you. The information and healing you have received are integrated and anchored and you are ready to embrace life in an awakened and aware state.

Who directs the retreats?  

These are directed by Dr Raymond Cadwell, an Irish Mystic, initiate,disciple and instrument of Master Jose and such others as Javier De Salas who will be designated from time to time to lead and assist retreats.

What does a retreat cost?

A retreat costs between $200 and $250 depending on the travel costs in USA and €200 in Europe. For a list of current workshops click here

What should I bring with me to a retreat?

It is important to bring a soft mat to lie on, a cushion for your head and a blanket to  keep you warm. As you will be lying down for one hour and a half it is vital to ensure your comfort. Please do not come without something comfortable on which to lie. If you have meditation stool you can bring it.


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